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Phone Control - F.A.Q. (English)

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Phone Control - F.A.Q. (English)

Post by LauCass on Tue 12 Jul - 16:20

Phone Control - F.A.Q.

If you don't find the answer to your question in this F.A.Q., you can post a new thread in this forum to ask your question and I will answer to it. You can also ask me for your questions by email at the following address:

Q#001: Where can I find the Phone Control application?
The last version of the application is available on the Android Market and it's also available in attachment of the following thread: Phone Control - Description.

Q#002: What is the key application (Phone Control Key) and how does it work?
The Phone Control application is by default in demonstration mode. It doesn’t enable:
- Forward outgoing call notification.
- Forward outgoing SMS.
- Forward outgoing MMS.
- Forward location with a time period.
- Forward contacts list.
- Forward applications list.
- Remote GPS switch on.
- Remote WiFi switch on.
To access to all the features (full mode) and hide the demonstration message, it's necessary to buy the Phone Control Key application.

The Phone Control Key application enables to unlock the Phone Control application, this is not a replacement application to Phone Control. It must be installed on the same phone than the one where you installed Phone Control.
When Phone Control Key is installed, Phone Control will comunicate with this application to get a secret and temporary key that enables the full mode. There is nothing more to do than install Phone Control Key in addition to Phone Control to activate the full mode.

Note: Both applications use the SD card of the phone to exchange the secret key, the SD card must be available for the use of both these applications. If your phone is connected to a computer (ie: USB), take care that the SD card is not mounted as a disk on the computer, else the full mode will be not enabled. If it's the case, don't panic, the full mode will be enabbled the next time you will launch Phone Control after you unmount the SD card from the computer.

Q#003: Where can I find and buy the Phone Control Key application?
The last version of the application is available on the Android Market, the price is 1.99€.
You can also buy the application from the following Paypal link: "Paypal Phone Control Key", I will send you the application by email as soon as the transaction will be confirmed.

Q#004: Why the Phone Control application doesn't show up in the application launcher despite I just installed it?
This is completely normal Smile
This application is invisible to the user, there is no icon in the applications launcher. By the way, the application shows up with the name "Android System" (and a system icon) in the applications manager.
To launch the application: use the phone dialer to dial 74283 and press the call button (as if you call number 74283). The application configuration enables to change this code for next use if you want to make it unknown to other people.

Q#005: I can't find Phone Control and/or Phone Control Key in the application manager, why?
To ensure a maximum discretion of "Phone Control" ans "Phone Control Key" applications, they not show up with their marketing names in the application manager. Both the applications respectively show up with the "Android System" and "Android Service" names and a system icon similar to the one of Android system components.
The camouflage is obviously not 100% efficient but the Android system not permits to completly hide an installed application from the application manager list.

Q#006: Phone Control and/or Phone Control Key show up in the "My apps" list of the Market, why this lack of discretion?
If you download and install these applications from the Android Market, they will show up in the "My apps" list of the Market application. It's not possible to avoid this since the applications are installed from the Android Market. This is also the the case for any application downloaded from the Android Market. Moreover, if the application is a paid one, as it's the case for Phone Control Key, it will always in the Market with the label "Purchased" or "Not installed" (dependind on ther Market version) even after uninstallation. The reason is that when an application is bought on the Market it's for life and the Market still shows up the application after uninstallation to permit the reinstallation for free.

However it's possible to backup "Phone Control" application with a file explorer application as ES File Explorer, to uninstall the application to make it disappearing from the Market "My apps" list and then to reinstall it manually with the same file explorer tool.
This method doesn't always work at the 1st try because the Market application synchronises data with a Google server and depending on the time that the synchronization takes, it's possible that the application still shows up in "My apps" list after manual reinstallation. In this case it's recommended to try again and to wait for a while between uninstallation and manual reinstallation.

It's more complicated for the Phone Control Key application since it will always appear in the Maket because it's a paid application. A good solution is to download both the applications from the Market on a phone that is not the one the where you want to install them (ie: download on your phone) then backup them and reinstall them manually on the target phone (ie: your kids phone). To do this you can use a file explorer as described in previous method and copy the applications on the target phone SD card for the manual reinstallation.

So the best solution is to directly install manually "Phone Control" and/or "Phone Control Key" (without never installing from the Android Market), they will never show up in the "My apps" list of the Market application. If you want to do this, you can download the "Phone Control" application in attachment of the thread Phone Control - Description and buy "Phone Control Key" with Paypal at the following link: "Paypal Phone Control Key".
Nevertheless if you install the application from the Android Market, it's recommended to enable the automatic update to avoid user's action when new version is published on the Market and to limit the risk that he notices the presence of the application.

Q#007: What is the "Secure uninstallation" option
If you install Phone Control on the phone of your kid you certainely don't want that he uninstall it if he discorvers it. The secure uninstallation is made to control this.
If you enable the "Secure uninstallation" option, any attempt to uninstall the application will fail. The only one possibility to uninstall the application is to launch Phone Control with its secret code and to disable this option. So the people who don't know the secret code will never be able to uninstall the application if you enabled this option.
Of course, it's hardly recommended to change the default secret code of Phone Control to ensure you are the only one person to know it.

Note: This option is only supported on Android 2.2 and later, previous versions of android not permit to enable this security.



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